GAI 10009

Hartford, CT


Used 9 Station Rotary Bottle Rinser last running 12 ounce beer bottles GAI Rotary Bottle Rinsers are an ideal companion to any beverage filling line. The Rinser used a variable amount of water and air to provide thorough cleaning and draining of the containers. Injection of sterile water is followed by a series of purified air blasts. Forced draining alternated and gravity draining allows for better drainage of the water, minimizing the residue in the bottle. Features: – Manufacturer: GAI – Italy (Prospero, U.S. representative) – 9 Station Rotary Neck Handling Bottle Rinser – Factory rated 800 to 1800 BPH – Stainless Steel Construction – Set for Water & Air Rinsing – Left to Right (Clockwise) Operation – Timing Screw Bottle Infeed Indexing – 4.


Stock Number190420