US Bottlers GVE-48 LS

Hartford, CT


Used US Bottlers 48 valve Rotary Vacuum Filler last filling Distilled Spirits Fills rigid containers to a consistent level. The filling valves create a seal at the opening of the container, which allows the vacuum system to remove air and fill product into the container. The results are unmatched performance with high accuracy, efficiency and reliability. Popular for filling thin, free flowing liquids into glass containers. Features: – Manufacturer: US Bottlers Machinery Co., Charlotte NC – Stainless Steel Construction Contact Parts – Last Filling Liquor & Distilled Spirits – 48 Filling Valves – Left to Right (Clockwise) Operation – 1/2” Diameter Filling Stems with Bottle Centering Devices – Filling Valve Pitch 4.5” – Dual Infeed Timing Screw Mechanism – 4.


ManufacturerUS Bottlers
ModelGVE-48 LS
Stock Number190421