CIMEC Carbonated Beverage Bottle Filler

Hartford, CT


Used 8 Valve Carbonated Beverage Bottle Filler with Crowner Both carbonated and still products can be processed with isobaric fillers. Counter-pressure fillers also separate the partially oxidized gas remaining in the bottle from the product in the tank, bringing it into an external chamber, so as to ensure zero oxygen increase in the liquid to be bottled. Features: – Manufacturer: CIMEC, Italy with Prospero USA support – 8 Valve Rotary Counter Pressure Type Bottle Filler – 1 Head Crimp Crown Capper with Automatic Crown Hopper Sorter – Filling Valve Pitch 8” – Left to Right (Clockwise) Operation – Timing Screw Bottle Infeed Indexing – 3.


Stock Number190422