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Used Bottle Line for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages in glass bottles 40 BPM This is a nice compact Glass Bottle Line for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. The Line was last running 12 ounce beer bottles and will also run hard cider, kombucha, soft drinks and alcohol beverages. This Line is made up of reliable European machinery with good field support. Used Arrowhead Bottle Load Table, measures 5 X 3.25” Wide Conveyor Belts to 1 X 3.25” Wide Conveyor Belt – 16.25” Width Conveyor – 3.25” Wide Plastic Conveyor Chain Belt – Beaded Rail Conveyor Container Combiners/Single Filing Used GAI 9-Station Rotary Bottle Rinser, Model 10009. The GAI Rinser utilizes a variable amount of water and air to provide a thorough cleaning and draining of the containers. The injection of sterile water is followed by a series of blasts of air which has also been sterilized by microfiltration.


ManufacturerCIMEC, GAI, MEB
Stock Number190505