2007 Krones Solomodul

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Used Krones Labeler running front back and neck self-adhesive labels, spot and full wrap with 20 plates and 3 aggregate heads This Labeler is currently set running spot or full wrap self-adhesive labels. The Labeler operates with 3 aggregate self-adhesive label heads for running Front, Back and Neck labels. It will run spot labels and full wrap labels. Modul design is capable of labeling with hot melt glue labels or wet glue labels by adding optional modules. The Krones modular labelers are multi-faceted, because they are suitable for labeling with cold-glue, hot-glue and self-adhesive labels. The universal labeling machine is of modular design and can be configured with multiple assemblies. The cold-glue and hot-melt labeling stations or the self-adhesive label applicators can be connected to the main machine as required.


Serial NumberK406091
Stock Number190116