2002 Fowler - Zalkin WFS-600F

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Used Fowler Zalkin Water Fall Style Cap Sorter Cap Orienter for large and small caps This Cap Sorter Cap Orienter is designed to handle any type of small or large diameter caps that can sort and orient over 2000 caps per minute. The Cap Sorter Cap Orienter is typically floor mounted and provided with enough height to allow caps to move from the sorter discharge into the capper by gravity. Where ceiling heights do not allow for adequate elevation, a cap air or belt conveyor can be used to move the caps into the capper. The waterfall bottle cap sorter and cap orienter is a high speed sorter for a range of caps. The build of this high speed bottle cap sorter and cap orienter includes maximum use of stainless steel. It is sturdy and dependable for a long lifespan. Features and advantages: -Includes (4) 10’ L and (1) 8’ L section of air blown cap chute. -Last ran 43mm plastic screw cap.


ManufacturerFowler - Zalkin
Serial NumberJA2001108
Stock Number190301